Black Team

The way our BLACK TEAM works as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual talents in the world, but if they don’t bring the right spirit to the team, their effort won’t be worth what we are looking for. To win the game, you don’t have to be the most athletic or talented. To win, you must have passion for the sport, determination and complete faith in yourself and your team.

The mission at Point-7 has always been to work with key windsurfing athletes from around the globe who share our passion, develop talent at the youth level and design the best equipment to give our team riders the best tools available to ply their skills on the Pro Tour.

Our riders work as a team, train as a team and enjoy success as a team. Our unique approach to training and preparation gives our riders the best possible chance out on the water when they compete.”

Andrea Cucchi, Team Manager

Adam Lewis K-516 | Wave | Chief Wave Tester Andrea Cucchi ITA-1 | Slalom & Formula Pascal Toselli F-916 | Slalom
NIcola Akgazciyan F-400 | Freestyle Martin Ten Hoeve H-999 | Wave
Greta Benvenuti ITA-38| Slalom & Wave Oliver Tom Schliemann
Manuel Zugsbrattl AUT-230 | Slalom
BLACK TEAM | National
Francesco Prati    ITA 10   James Brigs    GBR 848   Thomas Svendsen    DEN 51   Jani Paju   FIN 12   Wolfi Siedel    AUT-3
Slalom | Formula   Formula   Slalom | Formula   Slalom | Formula   Slalom
Slalom Vice Italian Champion 2011       9th Master World Championship 2011 & 2013   Multiple Finnish champions Slalom and Formula   8th Master World Championships 2012
        3rd Master Danish Championship 2012        
Massimo Masserini   ITA 7   Ben Panel   F 707   John Papaspirou   GRE 71   Joel Grönqvist   FIN 2   Ian Rautelin   FIN 71
Slalom | Formula   Freestyle | Wave   Slalom | Formula   Slalom | Formula   Slalom | Formula
Master Vice World Champion Slalom 2007       Multiple Greek Champion   National Slalom & Formula Champion 2012   Finnish champion 2009
            Nordic Champion Formula 2012 Youth (Sweden)    
Thomas Larsen   DEN 136   Nicola Camozzi   ITA 993   Tau   THA-18   Peter Lumley  RSA   Colin Kidger  IR147
Slalom | Formula   Slalom   Slalom   Slalom   Freestyle | Wave
    Vice Youth Italian Champion 2011   Thai Slalom Champion 2012 | 2013      1st Dash Langabaan 2013.    
Chris Bond    GBR 98                
2010 British FW Champion                
3rd Overall British Champion