Alberto Menegatti ITA-4

It was quite an obvious move that Alberto would join the Black Team sooner or later. It was a matter of time, but it had to be the right time. Logistically Alberto is based in the same area as the Point-7 HQ in Italy. Alberto will receive a lot of support to get tuned in and for Point-7, it’s a great extra to have him for available for testing year round. Alberto has the potential to get top PWA results and through our Black Team we will give him the chance to fulfil this potential.
  NAME Rider – Alberto Menegatti  Age-27
  RESIDENCE Italy, S.A, Tenerife
  DISCIPLINE Slalom / Formula
  RESULTS 1° PWA KOREA 2013, Italian Slalom and Formula Champion many times.
  SPONSORS Point-7, Starboard, Quiksilver, Smith, Trentino, Expand Pouf, Zfin


Why did you start competing on the Pro Tour? When I was young, I tried most of the sports I could possibly: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, skiing,swimming…I started then windsurfing and I immediately loved it! It became part of my life. It grew inside of me, till the moment it became my life at the age of 18!

When did you realise windsurfing would become your life? At the age of 18 when I won the Youth European and Worlds, Windsurfing became my life, and since then I enjoy it year after year…Happy to have chosen this path!

What other thing do you do outside of windsurfing? Most of my life is windsurfing oriented, so when I'm not sailing most of the time I'm training in the gym, working on how to improve my equipment or working on the computer…

When I have time off I simply enjoy some free time with my girlfriend or friends.

What’s the best thing you like of our sport? The feeling of freedom you get. Is a feeling you can hardly feel in life…Even if I'm having the worst of moments going sailing just gives me a vibe that makes me happy…That is why windsurfing is my life!

What made you choose to go Black? First of all I tried the sails, and I was immediately impressed with their performance. The Idea of working together with all the Point7 team, and directly day after day with Andrea in Garda made me sure that this was the right path!

What are your goals for the coming season? For 2013 I will finally go back into 2 disciplines Internationally FW and Slalom. My aim is to go as high up as possible in both rankings, and from there try to push it a bit more!

What are your plans to achieve them? I'm at the moment in Cape Town training hard to get ready for it, I'll move soon to Tenerife for joining all my new team and work all together as hard as possible to reach new levels!

What would you change in windsurfing or expect to be improved? I believe Windsurfing should become more visible, attract more the attention of the media, and this way get the interests of the mass. At the same time, the costs of equipment should go down and everything would just go into a new Boom of Windsurfing!!!

How do you see yourself in 10 years? That's a long long time…All I can see this far is that I'll be sailing!