Bora Kazanoglu TUR-11


Bora, a super star? Bora’s profession reaches much further than only professional windsurfer. Bora also own and run an extremely well organized windsurfing school in Alacati. Besides Windsurfing Bora has a extensive career as a actor on National TV and has made appearances in celebrity shows such as Dancing with the Stars. Bora is the typical example of a great talent who needs a real Team to support it. For the last decade, he has been dominating all national championships in his country. Bora has managed to win finals at the PWA and always received top 3 at IFCA slalom events. Our objective it to grow Bora’s talent and that with our team spirit to ensure that he will receive the precious 0.7 points at the Pwa finals on a continuous basis!
  NAME Rider -Bora Kazanoglu  Age- 34
  COUNTRY Turkey
  RESULTS 2007 ifca vice world champion, 2010 pwa alacati 6th position, 2012ifca europeans, 3rd 2012 ifca vice world champion, 20 times Turkish champion
  SPONSORS Point-7,, www.


Why did you start competing on pro tour?  I love slalom racing. The sensation of speed over the sea, gybing crowded marks with other racers, the adrenalin over the start line and victory at the finish line.!!After having good results the bug goes in there and never comes out. The PWA and IFCA are our fields to live this dream with passion..

When did you realize windsurfing become your life?  The first time i tried it!!! I hated to swim when I was a kid. I was playing guitar all day long without doing anyrhing father bought a windsurf set just to take my attraction to sea and swiming. He succeed. One day I saw him plaining with a huge pink sail. I put the guitar over the bed jumped into water grabed the sail and got planing first time I tried! I went 500 meteres and i felt i was flying..i felt the feeling of FREEDOM that moment and live that moment since 20 years:)

Outside windsurfing? Acting, playing guitar and drums, atv riding ,snowboarding..I also own my windsurf center and hotel at Alacati(bhouse boutique hotel) which is also taking my time..

What is the best thing you like in windsurfing? Connected to nature and to the creator with windsurfing..İ learned to respect and love the ocean .3/4 of world is water!! And we are the kings of it as surfers.. ;)

Why did you go black? Mmmmm..İts somthing natuarly happened at a moment and couldnt get my self out of it!!! it just happened one day and I'm sure will happen to everyıne when their time comes;);););)

What are your goals of coimg season? Top 10 pwa and top 3 ifca and wining Turkish championship

What are your plans to achive it? Point 7 is a real team thats helping each other. We windsurfers are lonely fighters i will be a part of that team train with them this winter both on the water and on land with a pro trainier in Tenerife and kick ass in the season.

What would you chage in windsurfing? To do indoor events and make it olpympic. İmagine ...Whevever you go you can race in indoor and compete in 2 disiplines ..slalom and freestyle together. And easy to watch and understand for spectators of whats going on .. And great footage for sponsors. This should be done to fire up windsurfing..

How do you see your self in 10 years? A world champ owning couple hotels and surf schools around the world.. And momy wakes me up hahahahah.. ....As Albert Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge.