Maciek Rutkowski POL23

Maciek was first seen on the Formula race fields at a very young age. Back then he was the little Polish kid with blond curly hair. Now Maciek has grown into a big young man who gives a hard time to the PWA top riders! Smart and with a lot of experience for his age, Maciek was crowned PWA youth world champion in 2012. We are very proud to have the youngest and best youth slalom sailor in the circuit on the Black Team, and we aim a lot of energy to support his career even further.

  NAME Rider -Maciek Rutkowski  Age-21
  COUNTRY Poland
  RESIDENCE None at the moment
  DISCIPLINE Slalom / Formula/ Wave
  RESULTS PWA Youth Slalom Champion 2012, Youth World & European
Champion Slalom, 4th Slalom World Championships 2012, 10x Polish
    Point-7, Patrik, Burn, Quiksilver, Sylt Brands



Why did you start competing on the Pro Tour?
I was always super keen on windsurfing and was racing since I could reach a boom of a racing sail (boom height was a huge issue at the beginning!). I was always following the Pro Tour online and dreaming that "maybe one day...". So when I was 18 and won the Youth World Championships I thought maybe I'm good enough to go a step further. I applied for a wildcard for PWA Costa Brava and got it. The opportunity was there and I had to seize it.

When did you realize windsurfing would become your life?
I never did. It always was!

What other thing do you do outside of windsurfing?
I do quite a lot of different media stuff: mostly videos from filming to editing but also photos, graphic design etc. Besides I train off the water in the gym and on the bike and do other sports whenever I get the chance: surfing, basketball, cliff diving, snowboarding and some more..

What’s the best thing about you like of our sport?
The feeling when you go out there and it's just you, the great gear your riding and the allmighty mother nature.

What made you choose to go Black?
I really believe that working as a team can get you a step further in competitive windsurfing and that's exactly what Point-7 is doing. Besides that I feel like more than any other brand we have a similar vision of the brands identity that I think I'll fit in quite good so I think it's the best place to be for me right now.

What are your goals for the coming season?
People love to hear "I'm going for the world championship" or "I wanna be top5", but honestly, in my situation, I just wanna improve. As long as I see progress - I'm good.

What are your plans to achieve them?
Just train my ass off and make sure everything in my gear is working absolutely perfect.

What would you change in windsurfing or expect to be improved?
Basically the whole hub of media work and publicity. If we really had a top-of-the-line marketing strategy, than you can really convince big sponsors to come to the sport. Windsurfing definetely has the potential to be back where it used to be in the 80s, and it's slowly improving, but if P7 marketing department ruled it, it would already be there :).

How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Up there with the most recognized names of our sport, competing in 3 different disciplines, but most importantly enjoying windsurfing as I am now and helping the sport to grow.